Masabu Photo


Photoshoot with Blueriver dream.

On second visit Katlyn’s visit.


Human evolved to this stage for the random mutation of DNA. Yes, most of the randomness are crap and they results in nothing or worse yet, the death of the very mutated DNA pattern. But some random mutation happen to be adaptive in some ways that it provides competitive edges over those with pre-mutated DNA and the DNA can prevail. I think human being naturally love both randomness and non-randomness in our lives. It loves predictably of environment, linear relationships between X and y, the Sun rises from east and set in west.

While our instinct favors predictability, we are also mesmerized by randomness, uneven surface, asymmetrical frame, the breathtaking beauty of serendipity captures our mind very strongly. Some people thought it was a work of God, because it looked too beautiful to be made , for you to witness — by chance.

For this project, I decided not to focus by machine by sticking to mostly manual focus - actually unfocusing. The goal is to harness randomness, changing light of the day, spilled light, noise of the grain, level of bokhe, models’ movements and inter play of all of these.

Time: February 2015
Model: Nathalia Rhodes
Camera : Sigma DP2Q
Location : Chicago, IL

Yesenia is a model based on New York. I wanted to experiment with texture and sear light.

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